The Clay County Sheriff knows it is important for the inmates and their families to maintain personal contact during the period of incarceration.  Therefore, the Clay County Jail is equipped with a visitation booth for a secure visit where the visitor is physically separated from the inmates in the jail.  For privileged visits such as clergy, attorneys, and family members under special conditions, a secure visitation room inside the jail is available.


Visiting Hours:  Visits will be allowed from 2:00 PM through 4:00 PM on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays, including holidays.


The visitor must, on the day of the visit, call or otherwise contact the jail at (605)677-7117 to set an appointed time for the visit during regularly scheduled visiting hours.  Appointments shall be on a first come, first serve basis as space provides.  Each inmate shall be allowed one 30 minute block of visitation time on each visiting day and may divide that time among as many visitors as he chooses. 


If any visitors are late for their appointed time, they shall forfeit that portion of the visitation time for which they are late, up to and including the entire 30 minute visitation block.  This is to ensure other inmates receive the visitation time they have scheduled.


Each inmate may receive a maximum of two visitors at a time, including infants and children.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to visit an inmate.  Any exceptions to this must be approved in advance by the sheriff.  All visitors must present a photo ID at the time of the visit.


A written copy of these instructions is available at the Clay County Jail.


Items you can bring to an inmate at the Clay County Jail are personal hygiene items, (non-aerosol deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.)  Hygiene items are provided to any inmate who does not wish to have his own brought to the jail.


Money, preferably coins


Underwear and socks




All items must be delivered to the jailer and are subject to search prior to delivery to the inmate.  All hygiene items must be in new packaging and in transparent containers.  For example:  baby shampoo is transparent, some shampoos have non-transparent bottles or contents.  Other items must be approved by the jailer or the Sheriff.





Fingerprinting for employment, background checks, etc.  will be available at times when there is jail personnel available.  Give yourself plenty of time for any unforeseen circumstances that may increase your wait.  Please call for times that may work better than others, (605) 677-7117.


$15.00 per person will be collected at the time fingerprints are done.

* (Limited to 2 cards per person.  Additional fees may apply to requests for additional cards.)


You must have a government issued photo ID with Date of Birth.

   - Driverís License; Passport or State ID card)

   - Student identification cards will not be accepted.


Only one person at a time will be taken in for fingerprinting.


No children will be allowed into the fingerprinting area unless

they are the person being fingerprinted.







Some of the Clay County Jail has been in use since 1912 and is still functional.  This part of the jail has traditional gray bars and direct supervision of inmates.












In 1989, an addition was added to the Clay County Jail including a day room, new booking area, and a cell block with more modern doors and fixtures including video surveillance for high risk inmates.












Upon arrest, all inmates go through a booking process which includes the taking of fingerprints, pictures and information such as name, date of birth, address and next of kin.












This is a view into one of the Clay County Jail cells














This view is from the inside of the jail cell showing the bunks and toilet/sink unit